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Getting a no-obligation quote and applying for credit approval is a quick process. Here's How

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Equipment financing can be fast, easy, and offer significant advantages over other financing options. Here is the quick and easy 3 step solution:

  1. Have an idea of how much you want to pay for the equipment. Canlease can work with any supplier you choose, whether that’s an online retailer, a multinational supplier, or the mom-and-pop hardware store just up the street. There are no limitations on the type of equipment you can lease. Work with your preferred supplier to arrange the best deal on the equipment of your choice.
  2. Get a Quote Now. Get a monthly payment quote directly from this website, 24/7, at the speed of business. If this is your first time, set up is a breeze. No salespeople will call. However, if you want to talk to us, it is easy.  Once you’ve completed the one time registration, you will have access to our quoting tool to create as many customized quotes as you need… within seconds.
  3. Credit Approval. Once you have created your quote… and like what you see… you can easily follow the link to convert the quote to an Application for Credit Approval. We will advise you, electronically, of the credit decision within 4-6 business hours. It’s that easy! Advise your supplier that you will be financing the equipment and let us look after the rest!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a quote and apply for credit?

3 Easy Steps...

  1. Shop for the equipment you want and negotiate your best deal
  2. Get a “no obligation” monthly financing quote from Canlease
  3. If you like what you see, click Apply Now on the quote to submit the credit application

Leave the rest to us! Get a Quote now and let’s get started!

Why a lease and not a loan?

Leasing offers several significant advantages over a traditional loan, especially for businesses who need equipment, services or software. For example:

Why lease from CanLease?